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X3 Print Merge Numerator - How to use with Corel Draw X3?
You can easy increase productivity end earning when you have a need to insert serial numberes on printed or engraved materials with any Printer (ink jet, laser) or even with Laser Cutting Machine!

First you should generate serial numbers with X3 Print Merge Numerator:
The procedure is the same as for old Print Merge Numerator for Corel Draw V1-V12, only you should check "CHECK BOX" beside "Format for Corel DRAW X3 Print Merge".
View Merge.txt file and Save this file to Desktop (for example).
See instruction for old PMN (open in new window).

How to use with Corel Draw X3:
1. Start Corel DRAW program
2. Open or prepare a drawing
3. Click on File Menu
4. Click on Print Merge
5. Click on Create/Load Merge Fields
6. Choose: Select from an existing file
7. Click on Next
8. Choose: Data File
9. Browse File Merge.txt
10. Click on Next
11. Click on Next again
12. Click on Next again
13. Click on Finish
14. New Pop Up Print Merge Window will appears
      (if not open then it is included in PROPERTY BAR on the Top)
15. Switch ON Insert command
16. Select one by one Variable and place on drawing
17. Switch OFF Insert command
18. Adjust Variable: Font, Position, Size, Color,...
19. Click on Perform Print Merge (if you have a lot of numbers this can take few minutes)
20. Preview or Print directly

With our program PRINT MERGE NUMERATOR you will create Merge.txt file for few seconds.

When you attempt to print (with Print Merge from Corel DRAW) every printed page will have replaced variables with next serial numbers. If you skip something, you will get an error message when you attempt to print merge.

This is "X3 Print Merge Numerator"
X3 Print Merge Numerator

DOWNLOAD LINK 1: X3 Print Merge Numerator !   (191 kb ~ 1 min.)   DOWNLOAD LINK 1
DOWNLOAD LINK 2: X3 Print Merge Numerator !   (191 kb ~ 1 min.)   DOWNLOAD LINK 2
DL3 : X3 Print Merge Numerator - for Windows Vista   (191 kb ~ 1 min.)   DOWNLOAD LINK 2
DOWNLOAD LINK: X3 example files    
One license is valid only for one computer and isn't transferable!
1 EUR ~ 1 US$ ... We accept any currency.
You can purchase this program from any country.

NOTE: If you start with order directly from software
and make secure payment through the
Your LICENSE KEY will be issued immediately.
The Print Merge Numerator (PMN) allows you to print tickets, labels, lottery tickets, certificates or similar documents with serial numbers!

With PMN and Corel DRAW you can print everything !